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Misty and Violet chapter 2 part 1?
    Violet woke up to the sun streaming through a curtain. She had slept comfortably after the first half an hour, but before that had found herself shivering seemingly for no reason. Her dreams had been slightly haunted and full of ponies she didn't recognize, but she couldn't remeber her dreams now, despite just waking up.
    The smell of food and possibly pancakes attempted to lure her out of the bedroom, but first she decided to stretch her wings... And completely forget about the bandages. "Myah!" She cried, as her bandages ripped a little and she reopened two of the five cuts on one wing. A slow drip of blood slid down her wing, and dropped perfectly into the center of her pillow. "Oops... I hope Static wont mind." She whispered.
    "Mind what?" Static asked as he entered the room with apparent momentary super hearing. He also came bearing pancakes and tea, and then pretended to be upset as he said, "Oh. My mother's favorite pillow case. It was han
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Sascha Blais
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Hello! I am a person who occasionally draws ponies, of the MLP:FIM variety. I dislike spiders and mushrooms.
Hopefully with just as frequent updates as my last journal, which was updated almost daily.

Please read the first section of the story: All righty, let's get this started again... Which is the first 5 chapters of this story.

Chapter 5 1/2 - Arrival

    Lilac decided that night that she was ready.

    Kammy was playing some attempts at melodic noises on an electric guitar she had smuggled in from home, Ribbon was performing some sort of science experiment in the corner of the room, and Syrup was nowhere to be seen, having taken some of the night classes involving stealth. It was late in the evening, when a bored Lilac looked over her three month old checklist one last time. "I made this checklist three months ago, and determined that when everything on it was checked, I would go deal with problems."
    Kammy ceased playing momentairly, "So? How many things are still on the list?" Lilac inhaled slowly, before releasing her deep breath of air. "The list is all checked off, I'm ready to go."
    Syrup peeled herself out from inside the closet, and lunged towards Lilac, pulling her into a hug. "Lilac! Know that we're very proud of you, and wish you the best. Do you need help packing?" Ribbon jumped, having been unaware Syrup was even in the room.
    "Syrie, I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning! I don't think I even need to bring anything." Syrup looked at her with slightly watery eyes. "I can't believe you're leaving us Lilac, Who will remember to wake Kammy up for classes now?"
    A distinct, "Hey!" was heard.
    The four friends spent a night chatting with Lilac insisting on how much they would miss her. The next morning, Lilac found herself quite devoid of sleep. She looked at her bedside clock, and studied the room one last time. There were two bunk beds, One with Kammy and Syrup, and the other with Ribbon and herself. A shelf extended beside each bunk, and there were two drawers for belongings under aforementioned bunks as well. The wall paper was a calming yellow, and- 'Wait... did that clock say it was 9:00?' Lilac burst out of bed, dashing towards her door. Fortunately somepony had awoken Kammy, or maybe she had awoken herself for once. 'Nah, Kammy can't wake herself, that'd be impossible.' Lilac mused, before tugging the door open.
  Big Brass was glaring at the door, but brightened when Lilac emerged. "So, all ready for your training today? I have something especially evil planned for you." Lilac shook her head, "Nope, today I'm going out in the field." She strutted past him, heading for the most scientifically advanced room in the academy. "Wait, no you aren't, the only field you are heading to is-" He processed what she had said, and the direction she was heading. "Wait, you're ready? Today? Augh! But I planned out the most ridiculous agility test for you! There were aligator moats and everything!" He trotted after her, and then sped up as he realized that Lilac was finally ready, and his three months of training her were over.
    'And finally I can get back to some real work... Involving organizing papers all day. Wow. I am going to miss Lilac a lot.' He thought to himself, thinking over how much fun he had actually had over the past few months. He had thought up ridiculous tests and scenarios for Lilac's training, and every day she had succeded in a ridiculous way without breaking a single law or code set upon her. And she even managed to have fun with the tests, even though he had originally designed them to be grueling and near impossible. But watching Lilac complete his training wasn't all she had done. She had really grown too, when she had first arrived she was half Big's size, and somehow she had sneaked up to his chin while he wasn't looking. She had strengthened her friendship with those roommates of hers, and had even become a rolemodel for all the trainee recruits. Most important of all though, she had completely conquered her anxiety of facing Violet, and even began looking forward to it. She was ready in all ways, and it had only taken her one summer.

    Lilac stood in the doorway, watching some of the lab ponies work. The room was wide and circular, and there were several entrances, large and small. Supposedly the roof even opened up, but Lilac hadn't seen that quite yet. Around the edges of the room were various computers and instruments, and supposedly one of the doors into the room led to an armory where most of the officers arrived from. In the center of the room was an enormous circular enclosure, that looked somewhat like a freight elevator. Several ponies stood in the center of it right then. Lilac nodded approvingly of the impressive technology.
    The ponies in the freight elevator thing began glowing a light green, and then dissappeared in a reality bending flash. "All clear! Next up we have: Lilac Spadeserra! Oh hey!" A lab pony Lilac recognized, Gallium Flask, looked at her with a smile. "First time celebration! We need to make this ride extra bumpy!" He said, turning back to his team. He brushed past some of the tech ponies, and started fiddling with the settings himself.
    Lilac inhaled anxiously, and quickly stepped over to the multi-dimensional transfer pad. "Reality tear is ready and waiting, all systems are green... We're ready to go! We've been waiting for this one for a while, so we already had the time-space coordinates in our favorited settings." Flask claimed, and turned back to Big to whisper a few words. Lilac thought he mentioned something about wondering if Big would miss her.
    Ribbon, who was working with some of the crew, waltzed over to Lilac, providing her a saddle bag and a wierd hoof bracelet Lilac knew was an Manipulation Of Time device, which could be used to return here if she felt the need. "MOT for you Lilac, and one last thing." Ribbon pulled Lilac into a hug, and sneaked a dragon tooth necklace into her saddle bag. "Syrup found that old dragon tooth for you, and guess where it was?" Lilac smiled, "Under Kammy's bed, right where I said it was?" "Under Kammy's bed, inside her guitar! Almost right where you said it was." the two shared another giggle, before Ribbon pulled away. "We really are going to miss you Lilac, you better come back! I refuse to be attending any funerals before I reach old age!" Ribbon took herself and her permanantly mud stained hooves back to her control console, giving a wink to Lilac. "Don't worry Ribbon. I'll be back before you can blink!"
    "Ready to go! Three two one and..." Lilac felt her fur raising, as a static charge built up around her. The world faded to an emerald green, and then grew brighter. Suddenly she felt weightless, and then she felt nothing.
    The world wasn't there anymore, and Lilac lost all sense of self. She couldn't feel any of her limbs or- Actually she didn't have access to any of her senses. The was no sound or smell, and she was blind. Not a blind implying she still had a concept of light or dark, but just nothing.
    She didn't have thoughts either, memories were gone too. She physically didn't exist, but at the same time she was still technically there. She was nothing falling between an infinite void.

    And then she was back. Everything spun around her, and feeling returned. She noticed that she now remembered what green was, and there happened to be a lot of it. And then she remembered she had hooves, and found that they were trying to find their way to the ground. She became aware of weight again, and suddenly she was whole again.
    She now remembered everything about herself, and the only thing wrong was that everything was still green. And then finally she realized that her eyes were closed. She opened them with some difficulty, and discovered that she was covered with a layer of green slime, that was quickly hardening. She tried to remember the procedure for hardening space goo, and nothing came to mind. She tried to blink, but the goo ontop of her eyes sealed immediately, leaving her blind again.
    The proper procedures came to her mind, and she waited. And waited.
    And waited.
    A knock came on the outside of her green cocoon, just as she reached 270 seconds. The goo had now had ample time to dry, and would shatter easily. She opened her mouth, causing shards of goop to fly off, and heard a terrified gasp from outside. She flexed her muscles, and began leaning to her left.
    A terrible crash like that of glass surrounded her, and she found herself rolling sideways. Bright light assualted her senses, and she blinked.

    Looking around, she found she was near the bottom of a gently sloping hill, near a grove of plum trees. Three- no four ponies were watching her in fear. She looked around, her neck cracking as she twisted it to gaze upon a cheery town full of bright colours. She looked back at the ponies, and studied them. One of them was a very blue unicorn, with a split coloured mane that had two parts dark and one part light. To say he was blue isn't to say he was sad though, infact he was quite curious at this point. He had taken a step forward, and was attempting to study
    Lilac looked down at her own fur, and noticed it was still goo stained. "Oh, lovely," She began sarcastically, "I'm probably a solid green everywhere." She lifted her head back up slowly, and studied the other three ponies there. Or at least she tried, but she only had the chance to study one. It was Violet Nightfire, and Lilac's heart skipped a few beats.
    "Oh, hello Violet." She said quietly, hoping her heart would restart itself soon. "Um, hello. Do I know you?" She sounded shy and timid, as was hiding behind the Blueicorn.
    It was around this time that Lilac began to feel slightly light-headed, and began to worry she might begin to suffer from a mild case of Dimensional travel trauma. "Not yet, but please know I'm only here for one reason and one reason alone, to make sure that you are-"
    'Yep, definitely DTT setting in. I've got maybe four seconds before I pass out.' Lilac realized, as she began to lose all sense of balance. "That you are- Happy, and not lonely, and maybe even to be a friend." She finished with barely a whisper, before suddenly finding herself sideways, and watching the world turn black.
    "Well that's different." She heard one of the other two ponies, the ones she hadn't gotten a glimpse of, exclaim, right before everything was gone for a second time that day.

    When she woke up, she was in a bed looking out a window. The first thing she noticed was that she felt okay. The second thing she noticed was that it was now dark out, and when she had first arrived it had been the middle of a summer afternoon. She shot out of bed, noticing a hot water bottle that had been laying on her head flying somewhere across the room. "Gah!" Somepony exclaimed, startled by her sudden awakening.
    Lilac turned around with some difficulty, finding herself trapped under comfortable blankets. She came face to face with Violet, and her heart stopped again. Violet was watching her with a very concerned expression and Lilac almost mistook her for a weird cross between Sryup and Kammy when they had huddled over Lilac's bed the one time she had been sick. Her fair purple eyes were wide with curiosity.
    "So I guess I have a few questions directed at me." Lilac asked, taking a chance to look around the room. "Well, Static has a few questions, though I'm not sure you know who that is. So does that other mare, I think her name is Flaming Justice." Lilac's eyes widened, "Flaming Justice? One of the Justice sisters? Just how far back in time did those silly ponies send me?" Violet tilted her head, "Oh? You're a time-traveller?" She grew excited, "I think I got you beat! I was thrown into a paralell universe!" Lilac found herself giggling, leaving Violet in the dark.
    'Wait, did I just giggle at Violet? ACK! I need to focus, this is THE Violet Nightfire! Most ruthless pony in-' She watched Violet poke Lilac's saddle bag, which was still stained green. Violet gently scraped with her hoof, and revealed the dark blue fabric underneath. Suddenly Violet made a weird face, then sneezed. It wasn't a regular sneeze either, it was an excessively cute sneeze, of the type that sounded almost like a kittens meow.
    'Okay, well maybe she isn't quite that ruthless, yet. I still don't know how much I can trust her. I need to find out exactly where in Violet's timeline I am, since my father was always there for her after the death of-' "Wait, did you say Static? Like, Static Mist? Like, Static Keegan LightningWill Mist?" She didn't wait for answer, jumping out of the bed, straight over Violet's head.
    Violet watched Lilac spring out the door, as a trail of green flaked off of her fur. Lilac took three quick steps, before she stopped with an impressive slide. She had encountered another pony standing right infront of her. "Blueicorn! Do you know where Static is?" Static Mist tilted his head, "Blue-icorn? Am I really that blue?" He turned his head to look in a mirror conviently hanging from a wall. He blinked a couple times, before he realized that he had been asked a question, and that the mysterious green pony had woken up.
    "Oh! I'm Static! Sorry." He returned his attention to Lilac, and she found that he was glancing downwards nervously. "Okay, how long have you known Violet, this is really important!" Lilac questioned, and never expecting the answer she would recieve. "Violet? She just dropped in on me this morning, In a far less subtle way than you did. She literally fell out of the sky trapped inside a giant fireball!"
    Lilac's mouth was agape, processing what she had heard. "This morning? Seriously?" She turned back and returned to the room with Violet. "You've been here one day? That's it? I-" She began to percieve her situation, and a look of worry grew on her face. 'Okay, so I'm almost certain I was supposed to be here when Violet had been here at least six months.' Violet gave her a look of concern, "how long am I supposed to be here? Did you know if there was a chance of me returning any time soon? Like, in the next few days?" Lilac deftly avoided the question, knowing Violet wouldn't like the true answer. "Well, you wont be here forever, at least not if I have anything to say about it." She turned back to Static, "Alright, is there a chance I can borrow your shower, and get all this green off of me? I'll be quite willing to tell you all I can after that."
    Upon hearing about a chance to know what was going on, Static grinned. His horn emitted a pale blue glow, and Lilac began to feel the fur on the back of her neck raise up. Lilac herself was surrounded by a similar pale blue aura. Suddenly there was a zapping noise, and there was suddenly a complete lack of green on Lilac's body. Her mane and coat were also sticking up impressively, having just been electrically charged to repel the green stuff.
    "Well, can't say I've ever seen magic like that before." She nodded her approval, studying her now spiky tail, and ensuring that everything was the same colours as usual. Her mane was it's usual medium blue with purple tips, and her fur was- "Oh no, I guess your coat was stained green. Unless, is it supposed to be that colour?" Violet questioned, inquiring upon Lilac's light greenish coat. "Hey, there are hints of yellow!" Claimed the green-in-denial earth pony. She did indeed have hints of yellow, but in some places her fur was closer to blue.
    Static gave a mumble, glancing over his shoulder. He was pondering where in his house Lilac would undoubtably stay. Flaming Justice had already taken one of the ground floor bedrooms, and it was inveitable that he would be stuck giving yet another room to a strange pony that he had known for less than a day. "Well, I guess the first question I should ask is your name."
    The pony in question nodded, "I am known... As Lilac." Static gave her a blank stare, waiting for the rest of the name. "Just Lilac? Is there anymore to that?" Violet asked, equally intriuged. "Well, there is." Static raised an eyebrow, "So, can we hear it?" Lilac decided right there and then that she withold her full name, with the hope that she would be able to further her relationship with these ponies. With any luck, it would inspire a joke that she could hopefully make last for quite some time. "I'm afraid the rest of my name must remain, unknown, for various reasons I will never explain." She said with a hint of teasing in her voice, hoping that Static and Violet would inquire further at a later date.
    Lilac glared out the window at the warm summer night. "Well, I guess I have to suffer through another summer. I just finished mine too." Static was gently interrogating Lilac for all she would reveal. "So you travelled through dimensions-" "Universes, I'm from a paralell universe. As is Violet." "Okay, so universes. Either way, you're from a different... Everything." Lilac nodded, waiting for the continued questions. "Okay, and you came here to look after Violet, and ensure she doesn't turn evil or something."
    Violet had left the room to go discuss things with Flaming, and Static was technically the only pony she could trust with her knowledge of the affair. "Indeed I have. I have a specific problem though, that being that I'm here way too early."
    "I'd say you got here just in time actually, Violet has been acting unusual." He paused for a second, trying to explain. "Well, I don't know her well, but I assume it's unusual. Have you noticed her eyes? No, they haven't done that thing since you got here." Lilac's ears folded back, knowing of the dilemma Violet faced. Her eyes would- "Her eyes will ocassionally glow red, though I haven't been able to figure out why or under what circumstances as of yet." "Has she eaten any blue-berries in the past six hours? Her eye thing is directly effected by blue-berries, though nopony ever explained how exactly." Static quickly recollected the eight seperate occasions he had given Violet blue berry related foods, and grimaced. "I hope it doesn't make her worse, that'd be awful."
    A look of concern was evident in Static, and Lilac wondered if it was true that he had cared deeply for Violet from the day they met. Static was busy shaking his head, "I don't quite understand. How does Violet turn into this horrific murderer you've heard about? I met her today- Actually I guess it was late last night when she came crashing in, making this the second day. Probably should have told you that, sorry- Anyway, I've known her for a very short time and she appears to just be a confused and concerned young mare who is quite lost and alone."
    Lilac was curious about that herself, wondering just how a sweet mare like Violet, who watched over Lilac the whole time she was unconcious apparently, could harm anypony. "I imagine that she loses somepony quite close to her, and her "Condition" doesn't allow for her to be her usual self after that. My father always spent time with Violet after she loses somepony important, apparently my tech team decided I might do better futher back in the timeline, before St- Before she loses y- loses somepony important." Lilac was quite concerned Static would notice that he was implied to be the pony to be lost by Lilac's sudden inability to talk as she'd prefer.
     Fortunately Static was distracted by the contents of Lilac's saddle bag. "Woah, is this a dragon tooth?" He inquired, rotating and studying the tooth which Lilac now noticed had old dried blood upon the base. Lilac requested politely, "Please don't touch my stuff, even I don't know what is in there, and it's likely quite dangerous." Static backed away and gave a cute, for a stallion at least, 'I'm sorry, please forgive me,' face. Lilac rolled her eyes, "Alright, I can't resist a face like that, you can go mess with my stuff. Just don't break anything, I'm going to go explore your house if you don't mind."
    Static gave her a nod, beforing returning his attention to what he found to be the most interesting thing, a picture of Lilac with her roommate friends. Lilac opened the door, and proceeded down the hall. "Thank you for telling me everything Lilac! And- Wait, this has your last name on it! AHA!" He cried out triumphantly.

    Lilac found Violet in the backyard, which was more of a well kept garden that slowly turned into a grassy field, and then a deep forest. A wood picket fence only extended a couple hundred meters before sinking into the ground. "So how was your day?" Lilac inquired of Violet, who was attempting to flap her wings and acheive lift off. Her wings were stained red at the tips, and the bandages Lilac hadn't noticed till now lying on the ground beside her implied Violet's wings had recently been soaked in blood.
    "My darn wings have given up on me, and I really can't blame them." She gave one last hopeful round of desperate flaps, before she squeaked in pain. Another trail of blood began leaking down her wings, and Lilac watched curiously, realizing she never payed much attention to how blood flows. A stream of red, with the bulge of a drop at the end, slithered it's way between Violet's feathers.
    "Oh yeah, I should probably inquire what happened to you. Normal flying can't produce cuts like that." Violet had somehow tied the bandages on one wing by herself, and was already half done the second bandage. Upon finding her neck unable to stretch in such a way that allowed her to fasten in the metal clip found on common bandages, she motioned Lilac over with a hoof.
    "Well, I woke up yesterday evening, finding myself surrounded by fire and falling fast from the stratosphere. It was hard to breathe, but my main concern was that I lacked any memories. Things started coming back to me, like my name, but not much else is back yet." Lilac pinned the metal clip to the fabric with her hoof, and Violet nodded a thanks. "So as I was falling, I decided it was a great idea to spread my wings to try and slow things down. Oh, by the way, it wasn't real fire. I didn't get a single burn and I could still breathe. I think it was magically placed to keep me warm while I was up so high." Lilac nodded, recalling some old news report about Violet describing her entrance to this dimension as such. "Anyway, my wings were shredded by the air flow I wasn't aware of thanks to that fire, and I passed out from bloodloss shortly after I landed. I didn't land with a crash mind you, there was a team of crash prevention pegasi who helped me land." Lilac nodded, and looked down to realize her hooves were moving in the direction of the backdoor. "And I had almost crashed into Static's house, and he managed to convince me to stay at his house for as long as necessary until I recovered. Of course, he was told to take me in by the Doctor- You know of the Doctor right?" "The Doctor? Blue pony with a mad box? Wait, no. Mad pony with a Blue box!" she corrected herself. Violet gave a happy nod.
    "So yeah, a bunch of stuff happened, my wings were cut up, and here I am. That's the short version of it. Tomorrow I hope I'll have recovered more of my memories, and maybe you can bring me home!"
    Lilac pretended to be enthusiastic, knowing full well that Violet would not be allowed home with her. "I'll see what I can do! My friends would probably love meeting you!"

    Static considered everything he now knew of the situation, which was a rather uncomfortable amount. He glanced over at the red maned Justice, but decided against talking to the orange furred pony since she probably knew everything all ready. "So I guess now I just live with them all, make sure nopony gets hurt, and wait for the day Lilac was supposed to arrive." He decided, already absent mindedly levetating a pencil and scribbling out a shopping list. It wouldn't be too hard to provide for his new guests. "Violet has to lose somepony important. Or rather, we want to make sure she doesn't." He knew the facts, he knew he could do it, and he only had one question left.
    "Why am I that important pony?"

    Static abandoned his scribbled shopping list, and left his study for the kitchen, where he found Violet and Lilac waltzing in. Or at least Lilac was waltzing, Violet was looking a little shaky, and Static realized she had tried flying and re-opened her wounds. "Violet! I told you not to use those wings for a few days!" He gave Lilac a pleading look, "How am I supposed to deal with you mares?" Lilac gave a shrug.
    "Misty, I'm fine. I've had way worse injuries than this and I was back in the sky in only a few hours. I think, probably. I have no memories, but I'm pretty sure it sounds like something I'd do!" She didn't sound quite sure, but that was easy to overlook. Static had found one part of her wording far more attention grabbing. "Why must you use that nick name? I thought you were going to stop after the first ten times, but it's been two hours." 
    Static began to worry Lilac might ponder why he was so concerned over a harmless nickname, so he started to calm himself down immediately. "Why is it such a big deal for me? I mean, aside from the fact that apparently if I become friends with this pony she'll start to care about me a bunch and then I'll die and then she'll turn into a violent space criminal and then-" That wasn't calming down, Static realized.
    "Because it's cute? Why, gotta problem with cute things Misty?" Violet teased, as Lilac raised an eyebrow at Static. "Okay, an eyebrow raise is far from knowing that I know too much. Or maybe it means that she knows that I know that she knows... That I know? Where was I? Oh right, conversation. And not a very good conversation either. I am under a tad amount of stress recently, and I should probably start worrying that I may hyperventilate  I'm losing myself again, calm down Mist- Static. Okay, focus on question, it's been five seconds they are going to start staring. Am I okay with cute things?" Things could get quite hectic in that pony's mind.
    It was around second number seven that Static finally answered. Fortunately he had been wearing a face as if he was carefully considering in a sarcastic way. "Yes Violet, I am vehemently terrified of cute things. Please keep them away from me or I will explode." He answered in a hopefully sarcastic manner, still worried Lilac would notice his stress.
    "It's not my fault she is terrible at covering up details I really shouldn't know. I wonder if she was purposely dropping a hint that I'm the important pony. She seemed quite concerned immediately after she had said it. If I hadn't looked away at that saddle bag and pretended to ignore her then-" Static went on his own mental tangent, trying to figure out if Lilac had intended him to hear secrets of his future.
    "Oh!" Static suddenly exclaimed, hoping to take the conversation in a different direction. "Speaking of things that we weren't actually speaking about, did you ever figure out Lilac's last name Vi?" The name Vi slipped out on it's own, sending Static into another spiral of anxiety.
    The knowledge that he may die if he became friends with Violet was certainly not doing any improvement on his overall stress level, which had already been catastrophically high since he started hosting three strange mares.

    "Is it... I don't know, lavender?" Violet guessed. Static had completely forgotten the name on the picture he had seen, having been occupied by other thoughts. "I'm sure it has an r in it!" He claimed, frustrated his memory had failed him. Lilac stood there shaking her head, "I guess that the closet you've gotten is- Well, it was a while ago."
    They had been guessing at her last name for nearly five minutes when the red maned pony that seemed to be made of silence approached. "Is it Spadey?" She asked quietly, the first time she had spoken in a while.
    Lilac almost jumped, "How did you- Oh, never mind. Close but not quite!" Flaming sighed, "Oh well, close is close enough. Anyway, I was going to say that you all should get some rest of some sort. We ought to go out tomorrow, and I'm sure Static will be willing to show us around the town." She asked hopefully, receiving a nod before Static realized he would now spend most of his time that night worrying about what he would show them. Certainly the train station, and then the pool, it was summer, maybe he could- "Well, I know we certainly have to go a few places pretty quickly, most notably the clinic." Lilac chimed in, gesturing at Violet. She was yawning, and looking somewhat paled. Static realized he had completely forgotten to bandage her re-opened wounds, and as he found himself racing to the medical cupboard in the bathroom he remembered why. 
    "Oh... We're out of bandages." Looking in the mirror he noticed a look of concern that he expected he would be wearing quite a bit for the next few days.

    "This spell should keep those wounds closed for now, so long as you don't move those wings, at all." He had told Violet, before an awkward goodnight. Lilac had been the second one to say goodnight, trying to apologize for not letting her deal with her injuries. Frankly, she just wanted to keep her eyes shut by the time Lilac and Static were starting up a new conversation. "Alright, I'll bite- Who do you think that important pony is?" Are the last words she heard echoing through her door before a heavy darkness swept her along.
    The dreams she would get were... Unsettling.
    She was in a town, though she couldn't place it's name. There was a weird flash of white light, and a pony she thought she recognized but couldn't place was running towards her. He was a pegasus, and behind him trailed a pinkish earthpony who was also un-placeable. There was something off-putting about the pegasus, something she had seen several times when looking into a mirror. She blinked in her dream, and everything was a dark swirly void. "Time travel is a risky business." A semi-familiar voice told her, "Time loops are easy, especially if you don't want out of them. But Time travel? Foraging out into the great beyond, where anything you do could change history, or could simply be the way history goes. There's no telling what result it could have. You could die or worse, or have the time of your life. I generally prefer the latter, but it's always funner with company." A dreamy Violet turned around, but she couldn't find whoever said those words. She thought she saw a weird blue thing, but wasn't sure. "You can't go? But, time travel, and everything! Come on Violet, you'd be fantastic!" The wierdest part of the dream occured, as Violet felt her lips move, "I simply can't, I should be here. He needs me."
   A flash of light as curtains opened invaded her eyes, and Violet woke up in what she thought was a cold shiver of sweat. The wide eyes of Static made her second guess that, and she looked at her bed to find the sheets stained with blood. Oddly enough she hadn't felt any pain for the past several hours, and she now recalled wondering about why she wasn't in pain when she went to bed. 
    "Sorry about those sheets Misty," She said timidly, then wondered why he was staring with such interest at her wings rather than the poor linen. He gently poked at her, and when she reflexively raised her wings he took a close look. "Is there something about my wings you find interesting?" She asked, realizing she was starting to blush from the physical contact. "Well, the wounds were around the interior marginal covets, correct?" Violet nodded, rubbing the last bits of sleep from her eyes, trying to see what was so needing so much poking and prodding and- 
    "Agh! Misty that tickles! Stop it you!" She complained, as he suddenly broke into an attack smile. He took a step away, and headed for her door. "Sorry Vi, just checking something. By the way, don't panic when I tell you this." He stopped just outside her door for dramatic effect, "Your wings have completely healed themselves. See you at breakfast!"
    The happy mood paled quickly, and a chill decided to run up Violet's spine. "Healed... Completely. That's not right, wings don't just heal over night. I would know, I spent a week in the hospital thanks to a wing injury back when-" Her train of thought derailed as she failed to remember how or when that happened. She looked at her own wings, and despite dripping with blood there was no determinable source. Her wounds were indeed just gone.
    She went downstairs feeling a little unnerved. Her body going ahead and healing itself like that was intolerable, and she would have to have a long discussion with it later.
    Static was setting the table, and Violet discovered it was barely six in the morning. He was retrieving some pancake mix from the cupboard, and a metal kettle was being heated on the stove. Taking a look at the architectural design, Violet decided it was a surprisingly modern kitchen, considering the kitchens she was used to were- Another gap in her memory bugged her, as she tried to ponder why this kitchen looked more modern to her.
    The kettle interrupted her attempts at thinking, and she jumped when a shrill whistle assaulted her ears. Static leapt at it, moving it aside and placing an oil filled frying pan upon the heated element. Violet watched Static shuffle through the kitchen, doing a poor job of hiding the fact that he was not a real morning pony. While his back was turned, Violet snuck over to the stove, and turned the heat down from 10 to 6. She snuck back to her chair, and watched with a quiet chuckle as Static noticed the changed temperature. He blinked, rubbed his eyes, and provided a humorously confused look.
    "Not sure how to cook a pancake?" Lilac questioned, seemingly appearing from thin air directly behind Violet. She thought Flaming was sneaky, but Lilac was unfair! Static was equally surprised by her arrival, his fur spiking upwards as he whirled around. "Wait what? When did- But your door is the loudest in the house! Super creaky and everything!" Lilac teased him a tad, "Well, I slid under the door, obviously." Violet thought she was joking, but when she looked away for just a second, and looked back, she had somehow materialized on the opposite side of the table. Despite the table being against the wall, and Violet sitting right in the way preventing her from moving. 
    Violet's look of surprise was only met with a wink, earning only more confusion.

    Static turned out to be very proficient at pancake cooking, and Violet found the cinnamon and nutmeg he had added to the batter to be noticeably tasty. The best part was, however, the fresh blue berries he had stirred in. Unbeknownst to Violet was the look Lilac gave Static while she watched him stir in blue berries.
    One by one the pancakes disappeared, while Flaming appeared. Breakfast ended about an hour after it started. Static cleaned off the dishes with rapid efficiency, and proceeded to spread a fair sized map across the table. The town was more like a small city, and had a far larger population than Violet had anticipated. 
    "Lilac Chasm? This town stole my name!" Lilac smiled, and left Violet to immediately question if her last name was- "Not my last name though~!" She finished cheerily. 

{To be continued quite soon... Hopefully.}


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