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    Violet woke up to the sun streaming through a curtain. She had slept comfortably after the first half an hour, but before that had found herself shivering seemingly for no reason. Her dreams had been slightly haunted and full of ponies she didn't recognize, but she couldn't remeber her dreams now, despite just waking up.
    The smell of food and possibly pancakes attempted to lure her out of the bedroom, but first she decided to stretch her wings... And completely forget about the bandages. "Myah!" She cried, as her bandages ripped a little and she reopened two of the five cuts on one wing. A slow drip of blood slid down her wing, and dropped perfectly into the center of her pillow. "Oops... I hope Static wont mind." She whispered.
    "Mind what?" Static asked as he entered the room with apparent momentary super hearing. He also came bearing pancakes and tea, and then pretended to be upset as he said, "Oh. My mother's favorite pillow case. It was hand sewn by my great-great grandmother, and has been in the family for dozens of years." He joked, placing the food for Violet on the nightstand, and then drooping his head and sniffling a bit.
    Violet's eyes were wide with guilt, when he lifted his head and said with a smile. "Tee hee! I'm only kidding of course. My parents took everything important with them when they moved out." Violet frowned, and gave him a light cuff on the shoulder. "Misty! Don't joke about things like that! I've only known you for a while, I don't know when you're joking!" Misty gave a sighing smile, "I'm sorry. I really am awful with friends. You're the closest thing I've had to a friend in years unless you count my family."
    Static took the bloodied pillowcase, which at a second glance could never pass for anything old, away. He then quickly washed it with some strawberry smelling soap, while Violet investigated her pancakes. She noted the tiny packet of butter and syrup on the side, and wondered if Static might have her favorite pancake topping. "Hey Misty, do you happen to have any Blueberry jam for these pancakes?"
    Static returned with a fresh pillowcase, and answered, "You're actually going with the Misty thing? Huh, I wonder If I'll ever get used to that. And yeah, I happen to have a surplus of blueberry related products since my Mom doesn't like them, I encourage her to visit as seldom as possible."
    Violet tilted her head, "You don't like your Mom coming over? Oh hey! I never asked what your family was like! We should discuss them over breakfast!" Violet took her tray of pancakes and blueberry tea into her mouth, and somehow charged into the kitchen without spilling anything.
    Static watched her hasty escape, and studied the bed. (And... She just left fresh blood everywhere. I think it might be best to get her to a Doctor.)
    Static followed her out to the kitchen, noticing a blood drop every fifteen feet. "Violet, you should think about eating in the bathroom, you're kinda... Getting blood on my carpets." He mentioned.
    Violet had just placed her tray at the table, and turned to study her path of blood. "Heh heh, oops? Sorry Misty, be right back. I have to visit the bathroom anyways."

    Static nodded peacefully, as his mind frantically tried to recall what his mother had told him removes blood from carpets.
    Violet entered the bathroom, and stepped into the bathtub. She studied the taps, before realizing that no matter where she seemed to go, bathroom taps never functioned the same. "Uh, Misty? I may need some help with-"
    From a seperate room, Misty magically twisted the taps, and the bath faucet poured out cold water. A few seconds later it warmed up, and he used his magic on the tab that operated the Shower too.
    Violet stared at the taps, knowing she hadn't seen any of her own unicorn friends operate taps from a seperate room. (Then again, they haven't had the oppurtunity to do so. How often do I stay at friend's houses and take showers?) The thought struck her as interesting, as she could not recall if she actually had any unicorn friends at the moment. It finally occured to her that she may be suffering from memory loss, and thats when she finally stopped wasting water and stepped into the spray of the shower.

    "Thank you Misty!" Violet finally remembered to call, as he noticed a change in sound when she stepped into the stream of water. Static finished applying vinegar to the rug, after remembering that apparently Vinegar was good for dealing with carpet stains.
    It was around this time that Static remembered the wall mural upstairs, and that he hadn't gone to check if the mare next to him in the mural was similar to Violet at all.
    Static decided he would go up when Violet was able to see it too, so he would know he wasn't going crazy. Maybe he would learn who some of the other ponies in the painting were too.
    He approached Violet's pancakes, which she had somehow managed to take one bite of in the two seconds Misty hadn't been watching her.

    Violet scrubbed her wings, and shampooed and conditioned her mane with the same floral smelling stuff. She recognized the brand as seeming to be a product for mares, and was glad Misty wasn't fussy over his hair products. She finished her shower, and dryed herself off on a towel Static must have set out for her before she woke up.
    She found a brush in a drawer under the counter, and brushed her mane into it's usual Violet approved style. She studied her reflection, and noted her eyes were still red. She flared her wings in annoyance, and realized she she probably study them to see if she had cleaned off the blood properly. She had removed all the blood, but the tips of her wings were stained a subtle red.
    She left the bathroom, and came back to notice Static had left the room, after placing her requested blueberry jam on the table. She managed to find a butter knife in one of the kitchen drawers, and was still attempting to open the jar when Static came back.
    His eyes widened as with her freshly brushed mane she looked exactly like the mare depicted in the mural on his bedroom wall. He shook his head, trying to ignore the impossibility. "Um, need help?" He questioned Violet as she struggled with the jar.
    Violet grunted, as she struggled to open the jar with her teeth. Static began to channel his magic to help her, when she suddenly succeeded. Static bit his lip as he watched the jam leap into the air... And landed peacefully with no consequences. Violet and Static stared at the wobbling jam jar for a few seconds with tense expressions, and then let out a sigh of relief simultaneously.
     "I'll let you get the next one." Violet claimed, forcing a laugh out of Static. Violet remembered Static's interesting behavior when he had come in, and decided to inquire towards that. "So, what was with the look when you came in?" Static gave a bit of a half shrug, "It's something you have to see to understand."
    He asked her to follow him to his room, and she noticed he was limping slightly as he went up. "What happened to your hoof?" She questioned, to which Static responded, "Well, when I deflected you the forwards momentum had to go somewhere. You may want to be careful if you go out to my balcony."
    Violet nodded, slightly upset she had been here less than a full day and already hurt herself and her only friend.
    The two entered Static's bedroom, and Violet found her eyes drawn to the enormous wall-sized painting. "Wow, who drew that? It's fantastic!" She exclaimed. Static nodded in agreement eagerly. "Yeah, my grandmother is fantastic at what she does." He looked to a specific section of the wall, where some of the bottom left balconies were. Violet followed his gaze and noticed something that shouldn't be there. "Is that... A PARASPRITE?" she shrieked at the tiniest detail of all that Static had managed to never notice. "Well, yes. I guess it is, but the part I wanted you to see is this." He pointed with a hoof.
    Violet looked in the designated area, and saw something she hadn't seen for quite a while. Or at least, she thought it had been a while. It was the lovely blue Tardis, sitting close by was the Doctor. She looked one balcony up by chance and saw... "How long ago was this painted?" She asked in confusion, upon finding a depiction of a small Violet coated pegasus with a mane of light blue with dark tips, and purple eyes. Looking closely you could see that the cutie mark was the same as Violet's, a crescent moon beside a phoenix feather.
    Static exhaled slowly, "Well, it was supposed to have been painted around eight years ago. It has never been altered as long as I have had this room, and I have always had this room."
    Violet would have reacted and tried to ask more about the painter, when both were distracted by a ringing phone. Static jumped, "Whoa, I haven't gotten a phone call for at least a month or two! I wonder who it could be." He retreated downstairs, as Violet was left alone to study the painting.
    (But who is this other pegasus? He looks so familiar, and yet...) She couldn't put a name to the face at the moment, so she studied the rest of the mural. She felt a tug of memory as she glanced  upon the various faces, but couldn't recall who any of the depicted ponies other than Static, herself, and of course the Doctor. Of course, the Doctor was quite recognizable by the enormous blue box, who could forget him anyway?
    The ringing had stopped, and Static was nearing the end of his conversation. "Okay, just one last question. How did you get this number?" There was a pause, "Okay, well how did you know where Violet was staying?"
    Her ears perked with curiosity of who might know of her, and her past that seemed to be getting more mysterious rapidly. She trotted downstairs once more, ignoring the rest of Static's room.

    Static hung up the phone as Violet entered the room. She read his somewhat confused expression, and questioned, "So, I'm assuming it's someone from the DoDFaCP trying to get a follow up report or something?" Static shook his head, his longish mane concealing his eyes. "She said she was working with them, but isn't quite a proper member of their organization. She was claiming that she knew a fair amount about you, and needs to talk to you about some pony named... Star Dance?"
    Images of that Blueish purple pegasus with the green mane in the wall painting flashed through her mind. The images weren't of him as an older pony, but rather him in various ages, almost as if he had been there for Violet's entire youth.
    Static gave a look of concern as one last image, that of familiar glowing red eyes belonging to a certain pony, assaulted her mind and she flinched away from the memory. But was it a memory? Or merely Violet's imaginings? She shook her head, "I know that name, but I don't think I remember the pony it belongs to."
    "But surely you must remember something... Oh! I just realized I haven't had a chance to ask about your past! Though of course, you haven't had a chance to start breakfast quite yet, so that can probably wait."

    Violet nodded, still deep in thought at the memories she had just experienced, and was unable to recall now even though it had been a matter of seconds. She returned to the table, to find her pancakes were finally cold. "Oh, cold pancakes... Well, I probably have eaten weirder things." Violet admitted, though beginning to question her knowledge of the past. When she had first arrived, she hadn't had time to try and think of her past, but now that she was looking back on it, she was almost certain there were large chunks missing. She was no longer sure what her actual past had been like, as everything seemed to blur, and thinking hard on particular details procured no results. (What happened to me? Something terrible no doubt, but what could make me lose all knowledge of my foalhood?)
    Violet decided she wanted to continue the inquiry as to what the mysterious phone mare had conversed about. "So, Misty, this mare... What else did she say? When is she coming? What is she like?" Violet waited for an answer as Static removed her pancakes, and set them aside for himself. He poured left over batter into a frying pan as he answered, "Well... Vi... If you are serious about the whole nickname thing. This mare claimed to be working with our favorite department, as you know. However, she was a bit less specific about her company of origin. She claims to be working for something called the IIDA, but I have no idea what the acronym means. She's coming in four days, not sure why so long. What she's like? Well, she sounds a bit older than you, but younger than my sister would be..." He trailed off, as he accidentally reminded himself of the deceased family member he missed dearly.
    "Your sister? Mind if I ask-" Violet attempted to ask, but was cut off by a quick, "Please don't." Static flipped a pancake silently, as Violet wondered what could have possibly happened to Static's unmentionable sister. Static attempted to hold back flood gates of emotion, but quickly found himself feeling tears escape his eyes. "She died last year, the investigators confirmed it was murder. I- I was the one who helped her get out that night, to go meet her friends at some party. I made sure Mom didn't hear so she could go and-" he was unable to finish, and Violet noticed a tear drop into her pancake. "Misty, you don't have to tell me, it's okay..." He shook his head, flipping the pancake once more, pressing the tear into the hot iron of the pan. "I never talked to anyone about it, I just let the emotions sit for-" His voice was now strained, as he tried to explain through soundless sobs. "I let them sit for a full year, never once talking to Mom or Dad about my own sis. And here you are, almost a complete stranger, and yet I'm talking to you about-" He couldn't produce any more words, as several more tears assaulted Violet's pancake.
    Violet couldn't stand to see him sad, because aside from the silent sobs and the tears he didn't show anything different in his actions. He just held onto his own emotions as if not talking about his problems would make them go away. Violet tried to imagine what it would be like if her brother died, and then realized, (I have a brother? I do, don't I? Now is probably not the best time to think about him.)
    She stood up, and draped a hopefully comforting wing across Static. "Hey, terrible things happen to the best people. Terrible things, that we can't do anything about. And although we can't forget them, we certainly can't just let them keep us down." (I probably just said the wrong thing... Oh gosh I probably just made him cry harder... Why am I so bad at comforting others?!) She panicked in her thoughts.

    Static listened to her words, and tried to understand them. When he had read his fathers stories and novels, he never understood how half of what the characters said would ever make them feel better. These words were reminiscent of that, but when said in real life they seemed to have a lot more meaning and echoed sympathy far more than the written words ever could. A cynical part of his mind wanted to complain, (I thought I was stopping it from getting me down! This is literally the only time it has gotten me down! The only other time I cried for her was when I first heard she was gone...)
    But Static preferred sympathetic words to his cruelly uncaring thoughts, and decided to accept the gesture of Violet's compassion. He stood for a while, silently crying in the odd way he always had, with Violet just covering him with her left wing. He occasionally flipped the pancake, despite the fact that it was probably ready by now. His eyes were blurry when he put that pancake on a plate beside him, and his attempts to focus his magic and levitate the glass bowl of batter were unsuccessful as long as he thought about his sister. His mind forced flashes of memory upon him, displaying Static as of a year before yelling at a mirror. "It's your fault! Why did you let her go!"

    He shook away the memory, and decided to lift the glass bowl with his hooves. He somehow mangaed this successfully, and was able to begin cooking his next pancake. Violet interrupted his quiet world. "You know, I'm not actually sure just how hungry I am... I think I'll be fine with just one pancake." Static looked at her, noticing just how close she was as he felt her pleasantly warm breath on his muzzle. "Are you sure? I completely forgot to offer you dinner yesterday, you must surely be wasting away as we speak!" He attempted to joke, before looking back to the pancake and noticing why Violet didn't want it.
    She retracted her wing, "Sorry..." Her wounds decided to open again when she flexed her wing to comfort Static, and the pancake batter was now partially contaminated with drops of blood. Static licked his nose, and realized her blood had dripped down his downcast face and had been unnoticed through the tears. He barely noticed a difference in taste, seeing as Violet's blood was similarly salty.
    "Uh... Did you just drink some of my blood? Cause that's kinda gross... Also, I think that you might be the one who needs a shower now." Static sighed, he definitely needed to take Violet to a doctor, seeing as he was out of bandages. "It's gonna be a long day..."

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Flames are all coming! I LOVE IT ALL! Great work- this is even better than before!
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